Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Introduction to Media Studies

Hello my name is Leah Beavis. I am a student at Ringwood sixth form and I am studying English Literature, Art, Ethics and Philosophy and Media studies. I consider myself a creative and sociable person that is really into films and T.V. I love film and the whole experience going to the cinema and I watch and listen to a lot of T.V. &radio.
Why media studies?
I have chosen media studies because it is a general interest of mine. I know that the media is all around me and really influences my life. I feel that choosing media studies to study at a level shall further my interest into the media and possibly create future job opportunities. Film is a big passion of mine and so is all the backstage and editing included to make big feature length films to music videos and small projects to T.V. Hopefully I will continue to enjoy learning more about media and get the grades to have all the job opportunities as a career for the future.

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