Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Filming Commentary

Filming Evidence and Analysis

Last friday, i went out with my actors and actress's and started my filming. However, after leaving my storyboard at school, we came across many problems. I felt that i needed my storyboard in order to have direction and a plan for what i needed to capture. Also my Actor Joshua Rayner, forgot to learn the song and the lyrics, limiting what shots we were able to do. However, my location worked perfectly, and we manged to get some really nice shots for parts of the music video.

Here are some photos of our day filming.

One problem I had was that I attempted to film my female protagonist cyclying up the hill. However without though of the ability of my actress, this proved great difficulty. Wanting a slow shots of the wheels, panning up to her face, it was hard to achieve as Geena couldn't get started or cycle slow up the hill.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Feedback from Poster

'Blurry effect doesnt make it look acoustic'
I can see what they mean by the blurry effect, it could make people think the image looks fast, and distorted and creepy, therefore comes froma genre of rock.. however, my aim was to bring it to zoom into the band.

'Can't read the writing at the top of the poster'
I have realised that the writing at the top of the poster is hard to read, and therefore i may need to change the colour of the text and play around with the positioning.

'Doesn't catch my eye that much'
I disagree that the poster doesn't catch your eye, i think the range of colours and effects catches your eye incredibly, but with further talk with my teacher, i will try and change this.
'The effects look like the genra is slightly darker than acoustic'
I can understand this and so maybe my efforts to zoom into the band for full focus took up another meaning...

Further research in digipak covers and designs

 I will be using the below layout for my digipak, as i am hoping that when i open the digipak a long image will be reavealed and split betweek the three panels. With this layout of six panels, i can achieve this.

I now looked into other artists digipak's covers, inorder to get inspirtaion for my digipak.

I really like the simplicity of this image. I also want to use the idea of not promoting the artist with an image of them but an image of nature, and landscape. Therefore promoting the genre of my music instead of the artist itself like they do in many r'n'b album covers.

This album cover, by the same artist as the one before shows an image portraying peace and spirituality. This relates well back to the kind of music xavier rudd creates. and this is what i would like to achieve in my digipak.

This particular digipak shows great individuality and radiates a sense of authenticity. I really like the composition of the image, and this art of composition is what i want to achieve in my final digipak. 

Friday, 11 November 2011


Final Poster

This is my final image for my Music Poster for advertisement. During the prodution of this, I used a website called Picnic in order to manipulate the image, and then further used photoshop to add on the logos, and extra writing for the reviews.

I really like the image i have used and the effect i've used. I think the poster suite my genre perfectly!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poster's and Photo Manipulation Ideas

Using photos i took from my location photoshoot, I have manipulated them using the website I found this website easier to understand than photoshop, and had the exact tools I wanted to use.
Here are some examples of my photo manipulations and poster ideas.

Transform the image on the left, to this possible poster idea on the right. I like the writing up the side, and I think the font suits the overall image.

I really like this fading and the change of focus in the image. I also much prefer the image where the writing is at the bottom of the poster rather that the side of the image.

I really love the above image, and its a good possibility for my final poster.

I really love the idea of putting the band name along the fence where he's jumping. I think its quite an authenitc image, and when edited this way, it suits the artist and genre perfectly.

I really like the pink tones used in the sky here, and the outline of the clouds. I think the image works really well. Its notions of simplicity compliment the band and their music. Good possibility for a final poster.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ideas for Artist Name, Song Name

The Influence. Long Grass Grown
The Wednesday Club
Audio Rhythm
Audio Tap
Audio Pipe.
Coffee Mornings
Man and Mongoose
Bold Lightings
The Rhythm Schedule.

Long Grass Grown
Audio Tap
Man and Mongoose

After brainstorming ideas, i really like the abstract approach to names of artists, such as 'Two Door Cinema Club' , 'Bombay Bycle Club', 'Vampire Weekend', 'Noah and the whale' and also 'Florence and the Machine'.

These are all bands similar to mine, and i think their abstract names make them memorable, therefore I am going to go for this approach. With help from from friends, i have decided to choose

Band - Audio Tap.
Song - Devastation Girl
Album - HeartPick

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ancillary Task - Poster Research

A vision I have for my poster is a sepia toned, warm coloured poster that shows simplicity at its finest. The setting and landscape is most important for my video, as this is what I want my artist to be known for. Looking at various posters, it is clear that less is more when advertising, its easy on the eyes, and creates interest into the meaning behind the image and the composition. Here are some posters that particularly caught my eye.

This particular shot caught my attention instantly. Kurt Cobin is a well known artist, and therefore just him and the guitar catches the eye, and draws attention. The simplicity of the guitar with just his name printed on it gives an authentic approach, and you instantly understand his character and style/genre.

This image is composed well, the use of landscape and the dulled out colours works really well together. This is something that relates back well to my poster ideas. However, the genre of music that paramore produce doesn't relate back well to this as they are a rock/punk band. From that genre you would expect a busier, grungy poster.

I really love the simplicity of this poster. This poster has given me inspiration to use the same composition of people, however as my artist is solo, it would be three images of him edited together, in a sepia landscap backdrop.

This image is one of my favourites. Its simplicity, colours and stylings all portray the genre perfectly, without the element of trying too hard to impress. This relaxed approach is something i want to be able to apply in my poster, in relation to this and the poster above.
Although I'm not that keen on the edit of this photo, it does catch your eye and draw your attention. Its a simple image, but when edited it creates great impact. It shows his style, and genre perfectly, and therefore this image is all that is needed for this artist.
Here is another poster where the compostition and image is simple but effective. However with this one, I dont like the writing and caption in it. I think it looks a bit cheap, and doesnt really suit the image.

This imge caught my eye because its a performance based photo, and presents the artist to be fun, exciting, and so we expect his music to be too. I could therefore create a performace based photo and incorporate text into it. I think its a great advertising tool for a music poster.

From researching a variety of music posters, i have realised that within my genre, Acoustic/pop, the best selling point for a poster is that 'Less is More'.