Thursday, 17 November 2011

Further research in digipak covers and designs

 I will be using the below layout for my digipak, as i am hoping that when i open the digipak a long image will be reavealed and split betweek the three panels. With this layout of six panels, i can achieve this.

I now looked into other artists digipak's covers, inorder to get inspirtaion for my digipak.

I really like the simplicity of this image. I also want to use the idea of not promoting the artist with an image of them but an image of nature, and landscape. Therefore promoting the genre of my music instead of the artist itself like they do in many r'n'b album covers.

This album cover, by the same artist as the one before shows an image portraying peace and spirituality. This relates well back to the kind of music xavier rudd creates. and this is what i would like to achieve in my digipak.

This particular digipak shows great individuality and radiates a sense of authenticity. I really like the composition of the image, and this art of composition is what i want to achieve in my final digipak. 

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