Friday, 21 October 2011

Research into Shot types and angles

I've realised that the best way to film a music video, is to shoot the same ideas over again, but from different angles, and then in the editing process, there is more footage for me to play with and fill in the gaps, should it be necessary.

Another video whcih does this is Coldplay - Vida La Vida. I've noticed that with the majority or performance based tracks, with a link to a narrative, most shots are the same just from different angles etc. My first idea was to sjust do each shot in order when filming, but after talking with my teacher, and looking at more music videos it has become apparent that this is unrealistic.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Photo Shoot, Play with lighting Effects.

These images are samples of the kind of shots i want in my music video. I will have to be very lucky to get this weather again though, as it is the wrong time of year! Here are a few natural lightin shots, that i want to include.

These last few shots were taken in the car whilst driving. The use of glass as a layer over the lense works well to reflect the light over the shot.

Shoots of Location Possibilites

This Long shot shows the setting, of a path and the forest landscape, it also shows the lighting possibilies that i want to use. (natural backlight).

This other Long Shot is another good one showing how i want the beam of sunlight to shine across the page to change the colour and feel of the shot.

Type of tree is want for protagonist to sit in!

Field Shot, Preferebly with longer grass/hay. However due to the time of the year and weather conditions, this may be my only option.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Further Research into Mumford and Sons

This Mumford and Son song, 'The Cave' portrays not only performance based shots, but also supports a narrative, which shows a band on a journey.

As well as incorporating lip syncing, its mixed with a narrative base, where the band are going through the countryside on mopeds. The lighting here is obviosuly not natural, but adds to the professionalism of the video.

These two long shots, show two different lightings. This one at the top i really like, where the stream of sunlight penetrates the camera lense. i think this works really well with the authenticity of the video. This is the kind of shot i want to incorporate into my video, to increase the look of professionalism.

This well composed shot shows the performance side of the video. I really like the idea of changing the musicians, so there is two seperate narratives and performance, both including lip-syncing. The setting also compliments the shot well.

Mumford And Sons Analysis

This particular band inspires me for my music video. Their track 'Little Lion Man' shows good colour and lighting in the permorance based video. Although i do not want to just do a performance based video, this video inspires me for lighting effects.

This beginning of the video starts with this shot composition. I really like the simplicity of the lighting and stage, which starts the video off with a dramatic scene.

This Shot, I think gives off the feel of the track well, and portrays the style of the band. Although performanc based the video gives me inspiration for costume and authenticity of my own music video.

The sepia tone to the lighting used in these shots, with the beam of light stretching across the images, is a lighting i idea i would really like to use in my music video. I think this kind of lighting is presented in most acoustic tracks, and it would help my video to look more authentic, and professional.

Video Research and analysis

James Morrison, an acoustic pop artist, similar to my track, mixes narrative and performance based shots in his music video. Instead of doing the performance based shots on a stage or in a studio, he mixs the lipsyncing and performing in with the narrative. I think this works well, and inspires me for my music video.

This Shot from the music video represents the scenery whichi would like to use in my own music video. Also, James Morrison is singing to the camera whilst portraying the narrative, through lyrics. This is an idea which will be used in my music video.

This particular shot introduces the narrative and setting to the audience. interlinking performance and narrative together.

This wide shot again shows the setting. The guitar James Morrison carrys shows the kind of music he produces as well as the fact he will play the guitar in the music video. This is what i intend my main protagnist to do in my music video.

This particular shot, shows the passionate, performance based side of the music video. Simple shots like this i will look to using in my music video.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Costume and Fashion ideas

After researching Artists and bands that i think fit my genre. I have come to the conclusion that artists of which fit the genre 'Acoustic' wear predominantly 'slouchy' clothing, of which usually have labels such as 'Animal' or 'Quicksilver' which are surfing labels. This relates back to the lifestyle of these artists, and this is something i would like to portray in my characters.

A great example of this is Ben Howard

This slouchy look is a particular fashion look shown in the majority of Acoustic artists. This portrays the idea that its not all about fashion, or selling the style of the artist. It shows us that its about the audience, and therefore fashion and style is not something that is important withing this field of genre.

Here is another artist that shows this style well. The Surfer image on his t-shirt shows the idea i said earlier about the lifestyle of the artist. Xavier Rudd, is an australian surfer, of which takes pride in his musical creations, and not his image for marketing his music.

On the other hand, this band, Mumford and Sons, shows the fashion/costume idea which i would like to portray in my music video. The suit and jeans look, posh but casual works really well with their band and the quirky personality of their music. I think my track has its own style, and therefore a quirky fashion sense such as this would work well for my music video.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Feedback on Ideas for video and lyrics.

In lesson time, we had a feedback session where we talked about our plans and ideas for our music video, in relation to our genre and track. Here's what i recieved,

Emma (Classmate) - I really like the ideas for lighting for your music video, I think that the lighting will help create a more beautiful setting for the forest and fields. The lighting will help to make it look sunnier, as this time of year, creating that naturally will be difficult.

This feedback i much appreciate as Emma has understood my purpose for changing the lighting, and has seen what positive effect it will have.

Amelia (Friend) - The actors and actresses that you have decided to use, Geena and Josh, I think will work really well when conforming to stereotypes in the Acoustic Genre.

What Amelia has said is the reason i have decided to use them, as it will help me to portray my narrative aswell as conforming to the genre.

George (Classmate) - I really like your overall ideas, however, i think that there isnt enough narrative involved. Your idea to focus on landscape and nature i think is abit to simple, especially when you can really work with the lyrics and create a narrative.

After recieving this feedback, i made significant changes to my storyboard as i realised to achieve my target grade i need to include a good narrative aswell as well thought out shot types. Creating a stronger narrative will also help me to include lip-syncing withing my music video.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Actress and Actor for my music video

I believe that my Actress has the look i want for the Innocent looking girl who is 'obseesed with herself' matching the lyrcis in my music video. I feel that her image fits the Acoustic style of the track and the image of a girl who the Male Protagonist is infatuated with.

This Image of my Female Actress is a image which i feel has inspired me for my Digipak, with the use of icongraphy with the Guitar.

My Male Protagonist, who plays the guitar (perfect for my performance based shots) has the stereotypical image of an acoustic artist, and is therefore perfect for my music video. His Blonde hair and dress sense also potrays a sense of innocense and his acting skills will hopefully help me to portray the lyrics through acting and filming together.

Research into Album Covers

After Researching Digipaks and possible layouts for them, the next step is to research Album Covers of other Artists that fit the genre, 'Acoutsic' such as
KT Tunstall

Katie Melua

Jackson Browne

James Morrison

Amy Mcdonald

After researching acoustic artists that i personally love, i have found that the majority of their album covers all focus on the artist itself. As the artist and their image is what nowadays sells an album, the acoustic genre has been transformed in order to conform to the rising competitive nature of the music industry. However, i would like to go back to the roots of this particular genre, and create a controversial album cover, where it concerns a pure naturalistic nature, selling the Digipak for its music, not the artist itself.
A particular album cover which has caught my eye is the Album cover below:

I Love the simplicity of the image, and the icongraphy of the guitar leaning on the bench portrays the genre perfectly. The image as a whole shows the easy listening/thoughful nature of the acoustic genre. Something that i would like to be able to put across in my own Digipak Cover.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our Ancillary Task

A choice of 3 :
  • Digipack
  • Website
  • Magazine advertisement
I have to do two of these things alongside my music video, and advanced portfolio. I have decided to do the Digipack, and the magazine advertisement.

This particular digipack shows images of a guitar, hinting toward the genre of acoustic/rock. Looking at the layout and design of this, it will help and inspire me with my own photoshoot, and putting it together to create my own Digipak suitable for my song and genre.

Digipak-style packaging is often used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums and the tall DVD Digipak (DVDigipak) is used as a premium package for DVDs and DVD sets. Such packaging is less resistant to abrasion than jewel cases, so it tends to show signs of wear relatively quickly.

This particular Digipak 6-Panel layout, i really like. The colours work really well, and from the images used, i would put it in the genre of acoustic, because the focus is not on objectifying the artist or selling the album through the artist, the genre focuses on the music, nature and the images created by the music. The simple beauty of the pictures, sets off ideas for my own digipak, conforming to the acoustic genre characteristics.

Brushfire Records


Brushfire Records, formerly The Moonshine Conspiracy Records, started as the new music component of The Moonshine Conspiracy (TMC)—now Woodshed Films. Woodshed Films is a surf film collaborative formed by Jack Johnson, Emmett Malloy, and Chris Malloy in 1998 during the creation of their surf film Thicker Than Water. Brushfire Records was created in 2002 when Johnson along with his wife, Kim and Emmett Malloy, wanted to create their own record label to put out the soundtracks for these surf films and future music releases. Founded at The Mango Tree in Hawaii, Brushfire Records strives to make music and films that are positive and works to connect like-minded musicians and artists in the surf community and beyond. Woodshed Films and Brushfire Records have become a collective of filmmakers/musicians/artists/surfers. What started as a few friends traveling the world to create a surf film has expanded into a few more friends traveling the world making surf films, documentaries, playing music, creating art, taking photos, and enjoying and sharing life while getting their projects out to the public in the downtime.    

Jack Johnson, a singer-songwriter within the same genre as my track, owns his own record label, of which would suit my artist as their record label

This particular artist signed with Brushfire Records presents authenticity within her music videos, using lighting and concentrating on her easy listening approach to music. She also focuses on the iconography of the guitar to show the genre of acoustic/pop, an idea I will use in my video.

Stills from video.. lighting guitar etc. characteristics