Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Brushfire Records


Brushfire Records, formerly The Moonshine Conspiracy Records, started as the new music component of The Moonshine Conspiracy (TMC)—now Woodshed Films. Woodshed Films is a surf film collaborative formed by Jack Johnson, Emmett Malloy, and Chris Malloy in 1998 during the creation of their surf film Thicker Than Water. Brushfire Records was created in 2002 when Johnson along with his wife, Kim and Emmett Malloy, wanted to create their own record label to put out the soundtracks for these surf films and future music releases. Founded at The Mango Tree in Hawaii, Brushfire Records strives to make music and films that are positive and works to connect like-minded musicians and artists in the surf community and beyond. Woodshed Films and Brushfire Records have become a collective of filmmakers/musicians/artists/surfers. What started as a few friends traveling the world to create a surf film has expanded into a few more friends traveling the world making surf films, documentaries, playing music, creating art, taking photos, and enjoying and sharing life while getting their projects out to the public in the downtime.    

Jack Johnson, a singer-songwriter within the same genre as my track, owns his own record label, of which would suit my artist as their record label

This particular artist signed with Brushfire Records presents authenticity within her music videos, using lighting and concentrating on her easy listening approach to music. She also focuses on the iconography of the guitar to show the genre of acoustic/pop, an idea I will use in my video.

Stills from video.. lighting guitar etc. characteristics

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