Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Feedback on Ideas for video and lyrics.

In lesson time, we had a feedback session where we talked about our plans and ideas for our music video, in relation to our genre and track. Here's what i recieved,

Emma (Classmate) - I really like the ideas for lighting for your music video, I think that the lighting will help create a more beautiful setting for the forest and fields. The lighting will help to make it look sunnier, as this time of year, creating that naturally will be difficult.

This feedback i much appreciate as Emma has understood my purpose for changing the lighting, and has seen what positive effect it will have.

Amelia (Friend) - The actors and actresses that you have decided to use, Geena and Josh, I think will work really well when conforming to stereotypes in the Acoustic Genre.

What Amelia has said is the reason i have decided to use them, as it will help me to portray my narrative aswell as conforming to the genre.

George (Classmate) - I really like your overall ideas, however, i think that there isnt enough narrative involved. Your idea to focus on landscape and nature i think is abit to simple, especially when you can really work with the lyrics and create a narrative.

After recieving this feedback, i made significant changes to my storyboard as i realised to achieve my target grade i need to include a good narrative aswell as well thought out shot types. Creating a stronger narrative will also help me to include lip-syncing withing my music video.

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