Sunday, 9 October 2011

Research into Album Covers

After Researching Digipaks and possible layouts for them, the next step is to research Album Covers of other Artists that fit the genre, 'Acoutsic' such as
KT Tunstall

Katie Melua

Jackson Browne

James Morrison

Amy Mcdonald

After researching acoustic artists that i personally love, i have found that the majority of their album covers all focus on the artist itself. As the artist and their image is what nowadays sells an album, the acoustic genre has been transformed in order to conform to the rising competitive nature of the music industry. However, i would like to go back to the roots of this particular genre, and create a controversial album cover, where it concerns a pure naturalistic nature, selling the Digipak for its music, not the artist itself.
A particular album cover which has caught my eye is the Album cover below:

I Love the simplicity of the image, and the icongraphy of the guitar leaning on the bench portrays the genre perfectly. The image as a whole shows the easy listening/thoughful nature of the acoustic genre. Something that i would like to be able to put across in my own Digipak Cover.

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