Friday, 14 October 2011

Further Research into Mumford and Sons

This Mumford and Son song, 'The Cave' portrays not only performance based shots, but also supports a narrative, which shows a band on a journey.

As well as incorporating lip syncing, its mixed with a narrative base, where the band are going through the countryside on mopeds. The lighting here is obviosuly not natural, but adds to the professionalism of the video.

These two long shots, show two different lightings. This one at the top i really like, where the stream of sunlight penetrates the camera lense. i think this works really well with the authenticity of the video. This is the kind of shot i want to incorporate into my video, to increase the look of professionalism.

This well composed shot shows the performance side of the video. I really like the idea of changing the musicians, so there is two seperate narratives and performance, both including lip-syncing. The setting also compliments the shot well.

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