Friday, 14 October 2011

Mumford And Sons Analysis

This particular band inspires me for my music video. Their track 'Little Lion Man' shows good colour and lighting in the permorance based video. Although i do not want to just do a performance based video, this video inspires me for lighting effects.

This beginning of the video starts with this shot composition. I really like the simplicity of the lighting and stage, which starts the video off with a dramatic scene.

This Shot, I think gives off the feel of the track well, and portrays the style of the band. Although performanc based the video gives me inspiration for costume and authenticity of my own music video.

The sepia tone to the lighting used in these shots, with the beam of light stretching across the images, is a lighting i idea i would really like to use in my music video. I think this kind of lighting is presented in most acoustic tracks, and it would help my video to look more authentic, and professional.

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