Friday, 14 October 2011

Video Research and analysis

James Morrison, an acoustic pop artist, similar to my track, mixes narrative and performance based shots in his music video. Instead of doing the performance based shots on a stage or in a studio, he mixs the lipsyncing and performing in with the narrative. I think this works well, and inspires me for my music video.

This Shot from the music video represents the scenery whichi would like to use in my own music video. Also, James Morrison is singing to the camera whilst portraying the narrative, through lyrics. This is an idea which will be used in my music video.

This particular shot introduces the narrative and setting to the audience. interlinking performance and narrative together.

This wide shot again shows the setting. The guitar James Morrison carrys shows the kind of music he produces as well as the fact he will play the guitar in the music video. This is what i intend my main protagnist to do in my music video.

This particular shot, shows the passionate, performance based side of the music video. Simple shots like this i will look to using in my music video.

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