Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poster's and Photo Manipulation Ideas

Using photos i took from my location photoshoot, I have manipulated them using the website I found this website easier to understand than photoshop, and had the exact tools I wanted to use.
Here are some examples of my photo manipulations and poster ideas.

Transform the image on the left, to this possible poster idea on the right. I like the writing up the side, and I think the font suits the overall image.

I really like this fading and the change of focus in the image. I also much prefer the image where the writing is at the bottom of the poster rather that the side of the image.

I really love the above image, and its a good possibility for my final poster.

I really love the idea of putting the band name along the fence where he's jumping. I think its quite an authenitc image, and when edited this way, it suits the artist and genre perfectly.

I really like the pink tones used in the sky here, and the outline of the clouds. I think the image works really well. Its notions of simplicity compliment the band and their music. Good possibility for a final poster.

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