Thursday, 17 November 2011

Feedback from Poster

'Blurry effect doesnt make it look acoustic'
I can see what they mean by the blurry effect, it could make people think the image looks fast, and distorted and creepy, therefore comes froma genre of rock.. however, my aim was to bring it to zoom into the band.

'Can't read the writing at the top of the poster'
I have realised that the writing at the top of the poster is hard to read, and therefore i may need to change the colour of the text and play around with the positioning.

'Doesn't catch my eye that much'
I disagree that the poster doesn't catch your eye, i think the range of colours and effects catches your eye incredibly, but with further talk with my teacher, i will try and change this.
'The effects look like the genra is slightly darker than acoustic'
I can understand this and so maybe my efforts to zoom into the band for full focus took up another meaning...

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