Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Filming Evidence and Analysis

Last friday, i went out with my actors and actress's and started my filming. However, after leaving my storyboard at school, we came across many problems. I felt that i needed my storyboard in order to have direction and a plan for what i needed to capture. Also my Actor Joshua Rayner, forgot to learn the song and the lyrics, limiting what shots we were able to do. However, my location worked perfectly, and we manged to get some really nice shots for parts of the music video.

Here are some photos of our day filming.

One problem I had was that I attempted to film my female protagonist cyclying up the hill. However without though of the ability of my actress, this proved great difficulty. Wanting a slow shots of the wheels, panning up to her face, it was hard to achieve as Geena couldn't get started or cycle slow up the hill.

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