Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Our first problem was the way in which we were going to film the scenes, as one of our key shots was a party scene with a point of view shot. The scene is in the protagonists dream and we needed to portray this aswell. we took inspiration from a tv comedy called peep show.

We jumped into the filming without being too sure about how to film the POV shots, we watched a few programmes and found peep show which is all filmed in POV. So we looked at how they filmed it. They were using top of the range cameras, so as a result we began to braistorm ideas of how we could attach the camera to Dan's head.

We then took inspiratioin from the extreme sports channel where the snowboarders clip cameras to their helmets and board down the mountain, so this was something we could do. We therefore attached our camera to a builders helmet in order to create a realistic POV shot.
Here is a picture we got inspiration from:

This is what we managed to come up with:

Throughout our filming process, we got alot of our research from youtube. This enabled us to research film trailers that we were interested in which would give us inspirtaion for our film opening, and what conventions our genre should have. It also helped us to blog our research with particular video clips that helped us to reach our final idea.

Overall, during this filming process i learnt, in depth, how to use adobe premierpro to successfully and skillfully edit our footage to create meaning within our film. I also learnt to use the cameras well for continuity shots, and create well framed coordinated shots throughout our film. In our next project, i need to learn technologies to help present my work better on my blog, and also learn more effects on adobe premierpro to help create effective film.

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