Monday, 17 January 2011

Research into our Film Opening Brief

After long debate over the film briefs, we decided as a group to choose Film Brief 3. An independent movie featuring a young protagonist. Our film should appear to be financed through regional funding.

Structure of our opening.

Overall idea

In our group we decided to come up with the theme of an independent rom-com, with a twist… We plan on creating a short POV dream sequence to portray the protagonist’s fantasy. He then gets awaken by his mother, and this is when the true identity is revealed to the audience that he is a high school geek, fantasising over the ‘it’ girl, and cyber stalking her.

Dream Sequence (George’s house)

·         Setting – Party, house party
·         Camera shots – POV, distorted grainy view to emphasise dream. 
·         Transparent layered shots symbolising the flickering of his memory, as his mum tries to wake him up. Echoed voice “you can’t be late”.
·         Opening starts with a black background, protagonist footsteps towards the dark front door.
·         Door is opened and he is greeted. Loud party music, people approach him and welcome.
·         Turns up stairs where an extra is drunken and pulls him in.
·         At the top of the stairs, Dan will turn right and walk down the corridor to meet the ‘it’ girl. She then approaches him (slow mo.) and pulls him into the bedroom. Pushes onto the bed, leans in. End of scene.  Diegetic sound fades.
·         Distorted image comes into focus as the ‘it’ girl turns into the image of his mother awakening him.

Bedroom Sequence (shot in Dan’s Bedroom)

·         Distorted image comes into focus as the ‘it’ girl turns into the image of his mother awakening him.
·         Silence, only the sound of alarm clock, establishing shots of room (nerdy bedroom camera can linger longer than needs to). He gets up – shows quick nerdy routine.
·         Sits down at computer (turns to POV of him and computer) also close up of hands on keyboard.
·         Credit sequence: profile names credits,  (also world of warcraft account name being credit)
·         Short clip of Leah in New York presented as video upload on dating profile, also show his profile as hot hunk- he leaves comment on her video.

School (Maths corridor)

·         Walks into school, bell goes. Rushing around.
·         Walking through the corridors, everybody blanks him and gives him grief, he is bullied. (By same people who loved him in dream sequence).
·         Sees girl again with back to him, again she turns around as he approaches, this time she ignores him (shot of Girl in party flickers onto screen) title flickers up (computer font).

Ideas for Titles

·         Computerised font.
·         The idea of an online dating rom-com. We had the idea of using online profiles so show the roles. E.g. Director : Leah Beavis, Female, Interested in: Men.
Producer :  Dan Finn , Male, Interested in: Women.

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