Wednesday, 12 January 2011

RESEARCH into Independent Films.

What is an Independent film?

An independent film, or indie film, is a film that is produced mostly outside of a major film studio.In addition to being produced by independent production companies, independent films are often produced and/or distributed by subsidiaries of major studios. In order to be considered independent, less than half of a film's financing should come from a major studio. Independent films are sometimes distinguishable by their content and style and the way in which the filmmakers' personal artistic vision is realized. Usually, but not always, independent films are made with considerably lower budgets than major studio films. Generally, the marketing of independent films is characterized by limited release designed to build word-of-mouth or to reach small specialty audiences.

What are the characteristics of an independent film?

  • It doesn't exist a general frame, because there is no rule to determine which movie is independent and which isn't independent.
  • Author's movies, the director plays a preponderant role and it almost always uses its own scripts and takes charge of other aspects like sound and photography allowing him to express creatively and to capture its feelings and restlessness.
  • Thematic, it faces a series of topics that conventional films don't take in consideration such as prostitution, drugs, homosexuality, the family decadence, etc.
  • Financing, the independent film directors consider that, the more relationship with a study, the smaller independence, for this reason, its filming doesn't fall inside the rigid schemes of the big film studies.
  • Aesthetics, it includes different formats and ideas, they use different techniques such as black and white, shiny colours, etc.
  • Beyond these characteristics, an independent film director should possess an own artistic vision that takes him to be free in the creative process.
A few famous independent films :

The Blair witch project

Reservoir Dogs

The Usual Suspects

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