Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Filming Process

We have begun filming our 2 minute film opening, starting with the first scene, the POV party scene. We tried to do this at an actual party, which turned out to be harder than anticipated. With our main protagonist, Dan, set up with the camera fixed to the hard hat, we began to arrange our extras throughout the scene and attempt to give them cues. As it is a continuous shot, we had no continuity issues, but on the other hand we had trouble getting everything right in one go. This took alot of time and eventually led the party goers to become distracted. Another problem we encountered was the adjustment of the camera. As Dan walked through the scene, his nose would push the pause button, and therefore stopping the filming,leaving us with only a few seconds of film.

Continuity Issues
We then went on to film the morning scene after the dream sequence. Here we came across many continuity issues as we filmed on different days. In order to create the right setting, we had to move Dan's room around and bring objects just as dictionaries, calculators, braces etc. into the scene and place them carefully so they would be in shot and portray a 'geeky' room. However, we filmed these shots during school time, therefore having only a specific amount of time and not finishing off that scene completely. We had to go back the next day, and attempt to leave everything in the exact position, which was successful. We then realised we had been turning the light swicth on and off throughout filming unconciously, changing the lighting within the room. To solve this problem, we took more of the same shots, but with the two different lightings in order to match them up when editing.

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