Friday, 13 January 2012

Audience Feedback

After posting my music video onto youtube, I started recieving comments from viewers. To my surprise all of these comments were positive and suggested good ideas, and also complimented the ideas I'd already used!
One commenter suggested that I incorporate more slow-motion shots into the piece as he liked the slow-motion shot I'd done before. So with this advice, from a previous student at ringwood media who had also made a music video, I went back to the edit and started playing around with possible slow motion ideas. After experimenting, I decided to just change one more shot into slow motion as this mirroed the first half of the video well.

Two other comments I recieved both mentioned that the video reminded them of a mungo jerry song. Here's what they said:

"Loved this one. Good visuals, use of setting and lighting. Reminded me in many ways of an old Mungo Jerry type song (Ask Mr Wallis who Mungo Jerry were... 8-)! ) It flows very well, keeping the action and story going without any pauses. Really enjoyed this - good stuff!"

I'm really happy with this feedback, I feel myself that I made good use of the settings around me and tried to make the shots as eye pleasing as I could.

The other comment said:

"I liked this one because of the old skool feel to the whole thing it is like a mungo jerry song defiantly the setting is chosen well also just can't tell if the song is a sad story or not so not sure on a full opinion as of yet but editing and stuff is cool"

This is exactly what I was going for, 'the old skool feel' with the lighting and shot types. This person also comments again on the Mungo Jerry aspect of the video. In some ways I agree with the fact that they may not be able to see or determine wether its a sad story or not, however I feel the music and lyrics determine this and I have followed the lyrics to match the shots, and create a discrete story.

This is my draft music video, where the comments were posted onto.

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