Friday, 13 January 2012

Music Video Feedback

After 4 days of filming, I had finally got enough footage to cover my music video. I followed a storyboard for the first half of the video, which helped my confidence grow as I felt I knew whatI was doing and where i wanted to go with this music video. As I progressed through the shots and different scenes, different ideas would come into my head, and gradually everything I filmed became spontaneouse ideas that I would think of during the shoot.
I think having a balance of scripted footage and spontanaeity is a good thing to have when filming, it could either look too scripted, or just too random, and I think I achieved a good balance of this.

Overall, I am really glad that I did this coursework on my own. At the beginning I wasn't confident at all about my abilities, and feared I would fail. However, by pushing myself into something, I feel I have learnt alot about myself and what I am capable of achieveing.

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