Friday, 16 September 2011

Goodwins Theory of Music Videos applied to Jack Johnson - Taylor

1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics
The genre of Acoustic/Pop holds characterists of there being a lead character, normally the artist themselves, and is based around a certain narrative relating to the lyrics of the song. Although this video does not go with the lyrics of the song, its follows an easy-going, relaxed narrative, of which most acoustic videos have. There is also nearly always a lead holding a guitar and playing, bringing the performance and lip-syning into the video to help relate the music and video together.

2. There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals
In this particular video, the lyrics don't match up with the visuals. However, the tone and beat of the video does. This video has an outside narrative, and therefore doesnt conform to Goodwins theory of Music Videos.

3. There is a relationship between the music and visuals

The visuals in the video may be edited in time to the beats or rhythm of the song.
The calm, smooth characteristics goes with the visuals of nature, and the colouring the video. For example, you would not match this video in with something fromSlipKnot( a Punk/Screamo band) as it would not meet with the beat and feel of the song and the colouring wouldn't be as bright.

4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artists and the artist may develop motifs which reoccur across their work (a visual style)

Record Labels insist on showing the artist throughout the video to sell them as an icon, and develop certain motifs or characteristics which will be instantly related back to them. Although this video does not show Jack Johnson to be the main character within the video, they still sow him regularly. Also, while researching Jack Johnsons music i have come across the re-occuring scenes of hawaii, his hometown. And with this come sbeautiful beaches and nearly always scenes showing nature at its best. This is an ongoing motif throughout Johnsons videos and is still particularly potent now. Along with the scenery, Jack's guitar is a obvious motif which is always included within a video, as it shows the characterists of the genre strongly.

5. There is frequently reference to notion of looking.

Often shown with screens within screen, looking through telescopes. Also and most commonly, the voyeuristic treatment of the female body (above).

6. There is often intertextual reference
There is quite a strong intertextual reference within this video, as Jack Johnson gets a famous actor (Ben Stiller) to play him in the video quite humourously. This could make reference to his character, shy, undramatic (unlike Stiller) and also his love of music and not the selling side of things. Therefore going against the conformities and not selling himself in his music videos.

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