Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Research into Settings and Suitable Lighting

A strong visual concept which I want to use in my music video, is the editing of the natural colour into a sepia tone. I think a sepia tone connotes a more authentic image, and also one of warmth and happiness. I think this relates well back to the Acoustic/Pop genre as a whole, as it connotes easy listening, and therefore easy viewing ( not too much going on, or in your face styles).

Sepia Tone Images found on the web for inspiration :)

I really like the tone in these images, I think it creates a gentle beautiful image and kind of puts a happy film over the world. I also think the colour helps to home in on the beauty of nature and scenery, which is something i want to portray in my music video.

Scenery /Settings

Nature and landscape is a particular setting I want to incorporate into my Video. Particular scenes I have pictured to fit with my song and genre, are those of an Autumnal Nature. For example, The Woods, or Forest pathways where the protagonist could ride her bike, and the male lead could kide behind trees, waiting for the right moment to approach her.

Wheat fields are also a strong image I think would create a beautiful scene when set into a sepia tone. And also the idea of brushing through corn or long grass, whilst mid-thought, i think would also show the protagonists obsession with herself and her own thoughts.

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