Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Research and Developed Ideas

A clear image that I want to include within my music video is the idolised girl on a bike ride, creating an innocent character. Also, being on her own, i will be able to interpretate her obsession with herself, and how she oblivious to the man following her, trying to catch her attention.

A few images I have found, have inspired me and helped me think of shots and angles I could use.

Characters and Stereotypes

I would like to work with stereotypes within my music video, as i think i will be able to communicate the genre easier. One specific Stereotype which i think is quite potent in all Acoustic/Pop videos, is the stereotype of the 'Pretty Blonde'. I think that Blondes are seen to be 'cuter' or more 'innocent' than the stereotypes of Brunettes, being sassier and sexy.
Therefore, i am using a Blonde girl in my music video, with the fashion, and style of the image below.

I think the image above contrasts with the image of a Brunette below. The style and image in general of the Blonde girl is the exact kind of character i would like to interpret into my music video.

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