Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Notes on Story boarding & shot ideas


* Wide/Long shot - Boy watching girl in the distance (binoculars maybe)
           On the beat, jump cuts getting closer to girl.
*Medium Shot - Music begins, girl starts riding bike (forest) journey begins.
*Long Shot - Girl Cycling toward camera
*Close up - Pedals, pan up towards sunny sky and girl. ( looking thoughtful, unaware)
*Wide Shot - Girl pulls up, picks flowers. From Flowers, pan up to sky when lyrics start.
*Pan down to tree - Boy singing lyrics with guitar (cheesey) Distance girl walks past with bike.
*Medium Shot - Side profile of guitarist, boy singing cheesily " Makes you lie awake all through the night"
*Long Shot - Boy jumps down from tree to look at her during lyrics " That's why"

Switch Scenes
*Long/Wide (establishing) shot - Girl walking through wheat fields/high grass past boy singing with guitar, ignoring him.
*Close up of hand running through the long grass, or camera (p.o.v)
*Medium Shot - Girl walking towards camera, Boy watching on lip-syncing 'And every night she's seen with someone new'
* Medium Shot - Boy singing to camera (cheesy) "Never You"

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